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AMLIFE established its sleep healthcare business in 2014. AMLIFE has pioneered the combination of bedding equipment and Japan’s state-of-the-art technology to expand the unlimited potential of the sleep healthcare market, providing a brand new health solution for modern-day people, which they can use every day. As an organization that cares for its community, AMLIFE has launched a nationwide health program that helps people tackle the problem of ageing from its root, rendering the body more dynamic and rejuvenated. AMLIFE strives to incorporate the healthcare concept into the daily lives of the Malaysian households using the “easy to use” and “ultimate winning” marketing strategy. It has developed a number of popular high-tech products surrounding the “sleep healthcare” concept with sustainable operation as its fundamental development philosophy, building a competent market surveillance team and brand operations team to significantly boost the Company’s brand awareness.





Writing a Chapter of Amazing Life with you!

AMLIFE was founded on a vision and mission. AMLIFE operates on the philosophy that places people first and helps to create successes based on the foundation of a strong and genuine relationship.

AMLIFE was established to provide everyone who dares to dream with a platform to achieve sustainable success. AMLIFE is not about the dream of a single man, but the dream of the masses. I hope AMLIFE will not only teach you how to run a successful business but also to learn to be a successful “person”. This is the “Real Way” that will lead you to achieve ultimate success.

AMLIFE is poised to be the pioneer in this market in near future. By then, the AMLIFE branding will gain greater momentum and recognition of the sleep healthcare culture by the international market. This will further our journey to excel in our retailing business. It is also easier for us to sponsor new members and our sharing will strike a strong chord with people. AMLIFE will continue to strive to make its mark as a global brand in the industry. Leveraging on the success of its Malaysian market, AMLIFE hopes to spread its sleeping health business far and wide to the global community.

We welcome you to be a part of the AMLIFE family. Together, let us create a better and exciting world for all!

 Dreams sail, create brilliant


AMLIFE is subverting the industry, the production of health mattresses will be a major breakthrough in the sleep market, become the new favorite of the sleep market. Perhaps it is difficult for us to change the sleep problems caused by external factors, but what we can promise and do is: Give you a health mattress that allows you to enjoy your health in the 8 hours of your nightly sleep and enjoy it in your health.

Today, we focus on the aspect of “Healthy sleep, honorable life”. Combining Japan’s modern high-tech with China’s 5,000-year-old health culture, and adding a noble element of health, it is natural for you to sleep in bed and become healthy.
AMLIFE pays attention not only to the idea of advanced sleep, but also to how to give consumers a noble and healthy sleep. We will have a strong “health boom” in this market. The new model of “sleep + health” has created a new trend in the hard quality and soft power of the direct selling industry. You are welcome to join AMLIFE and join us to create a world-class “sleep health system”.