Global Business Opportunity

00_en_V2Business Opportunity01_enSubvert the traditional business model
AMLIFE was established in 2014. Within a short period of 20 months, we have done things that have not been done by the direct selling industry. We have created countless precedents and created many wonderful stories that have allowed many ordinary people to find their own life. AMLIFE’s mission is to spread the concept of “creating health from sleep” to all parts of the world, making more people happy and a lifetime of success! We are convinced that with everyone’s joint efforts, AMLIFE will surely become a unique brand on the market, help more partners build their own business, and let AMLIFE become a platform for many people to achieve dream!02_en分享_en03_en活动_en04_enBecome Asia’s first award-winning company
In 2016, there are more than 200 companies in the world participate AMLIFE
stands out as the only Asian company among the 5 award-winning companies
(Others from: Portugal, Brazil, Italy and Mexico)
The award will be awarded on the day of World Sleep Day in Prague on October 8, 2017.奖励_en05_CN_en教育_en06_en