Redefine Your Life Physically & Fiscally

18 years of experience in Electrotherapy

Protect your health with technology

AmLife is the largest Potential Therapy Devices company in Southeast Asia, it has been listed in Malaysia Book of Records as Malaysia’s largest and oldest Potential Therapy Company. Its business is booming all over the region, the current territory has been expanded to 6 countries/ regions, including Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan!

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Medical Equipment

Established with Japan Certification

AmLife medical equipment and sleep aid technology products have exclusive patents and high-tech medical equipment certification, it has obtained JET Japanese Medical Equipment Safety Certification, ISO 13485 Quality Management License, Japanese Far Infrared Safety Certification, and Japanese High-Performance Antibacterial Material Certification. Japan’s Medical Equipment Safety and Technical Requirements has been through a series of careful studies and detailed design, its evaluation standards are renowned to be extremely strict. Hence, Japan-certified products can be said their quality is highly valued.

Japan R & D Team

In the spirit of constant-improvement and exceed oneself, AmLife exclusive Research and Development partners in Japan continue to focus on personalized adjustment, combining Japan’s advanced technology and high-end raw materials found around the world, to create various sleep auxiliary technology products that come in a more ergonomic and user-friendly design, shape, and touch. The products shall provide users the favorable conditions for sleep such as temperature and music, effectively improve their sleep efficiency and quality, meanwhile gradually enhance their individual physiological state and regain better health!

Comprehensive Sleep Healthcare Regimen:

A regimen that does not change lifestyle habits

Realizing that sleep problems are common in the general public, AmLife has combined advanced technologies such as platinum, electric potential therapy and more, and spawned a series of comprehensive sleep healthcare medical devices and auxiliary products, so that user can easily regain their health and youth during sleep.

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Recognized by International Sleep Experts

Since 2016, AmLife and the World Sleep Association have jointly held the “World Sleep Day” event every March to educate and promote the pubic about the importance of sleep. Over the years, AmLife’s sleep auxiliary technology products and “World Sleep Day” event has been unanimously recognized by many international sleep experts from the United States, the European Union, Australia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia and more. All the major experts have willingly participated in the grand event upon invitations and join efforts with AmLife to raise public sleep awareness.

International integration

Endless Business Opportunities

Sleep healthcare awareness has risen! As according to Taiwan’s ITRI Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center, the global market for sleep auxiliary products is expected to grow from US$62.5 billion in 2015 to US$84.9 billion in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of approximately 5.1%; bedding pillow products is the mainstream, and the demand for other sleep related products has also increases year by year.

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