Lew Mun Yee

AmLife Founder and Chairman

— Helping and cultivating people through the Sleep Wellness industry

I started to establish AmLife the brand in 2014. I have cooperated with Japanese manufacturers and combined Electric Potential Therapy to develop innovative sleep wellness technologies and help more people through this sleep therapy. I believe that no one will forget to sleep, yet also no one will skip sleep because they are too lazy to do so. They just need to sleep every day to maintain their health, it can be done easily every day, they can sleep better, obtain long-term health maintenance, and keep all sort of diseases away!

AmLife uses the most cutting-edge technology to achieve high-quality sleep for humans and is committed to creating deep intelligent sleep bedding. Exquisite craftsmanship design, high-quality bedding materials, coupled with top Japanese high-tech, make AmLife bedding become a “smart, healthy, high-quality” smart bed that meets human needs of deep sleep and healthcare.

AmLife’s efforts, contributions, and achievements in the R&D of Sleep Wellness tech and the promotion of Sleep Awareness over the years prove that AmLife is well-recognized in the field of Sleep Wellness and is one of the internationally recognized experts in Comprehensive Sleep Wellness. AmLife will continue to support the people in need, strive to improve people’s sleep awareness, and improve the level of research and development of our products, effectively improve sleep disorders, fully evolve sleep quality, so that more people with sleep problems will be benefited, and eventually ignite the revolution of “Sleep Wellness” from local Malaysia to the rest of the world!

AmLife Milestones


  • Established on January 2014
  • Office Owning & Launching on 12th January 2014
  • Property Location at IOI Boulevard, Puchong Selangor.


  • Established on September 2016
  • Office Owning & Launching on 26th September 2016
  • Property Location at M38 @ Jalan Pemimpin


  • Established on November 2017
  • Office Owning & Launching on 19th November 2017
  • Property Location at Ruko Garden Shopping Arcade 2, Podomoro City, Jakarta Barat


  • Established on March 2017

Hong Kong

  • Established on July 2018


  • Established on January 2014

Top Management Team

Mr. Lew Mun Yee

Managing Director

  • Entered the health industry in 1995
  • Professional Qualifications:
  • Started business at the age of 25 and established U.E.S. Health Farm Sdn. Bhd.
  • In 2003, imported medical device – Electric Potential Therapy device from Japan
  • AmLife International was established in 2014 to promote “Recharge your Health in Sleep”
  • AmLife business landscape expanded from Malaysia to Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in 2017
  • Specializing in the “Experience Marketing” model, founded the first and largest Electric Potential Therapy device company in Southeast Asia, and advocated natural therapies of “no medicine, no injection, and no side effects”

Mr. Edward Yong Chee Keong

T&D Director

  • Holds a certificate in Applied Nutrition from the Alive Academy of Natural Health, is recognized by the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC)
  • Holds a diploma in Natural Health Care from Breyer State University, Alabama
  • In the wellness industry for over 18 years
  • Professional Qualifications: 
  • Has helped educate nearly over 10,000 people on healthy living and solutions
  • Believes in leading a healthy lifestyle, physiotherapy, and nutritional supplementation

Mr. Lew Wai Nan

Product Director

  • Graduated from Department of Medical Technology, Taipei Medical University
  • Specialized in: Immunology, Microbiology, Haematology
  • Taiwan Qualified Medical Device Examiner License
  • Professional Qualifications:
  • Taiwan Shawhan Biomedical Co.’s Director of Associate Business Department of Level 3 Medical Device Division, which is responsible for orthopedics/rehabilitation/sports medicine/medical beauty products
  • Product Manager of Storz Medical Taiwan
  • CSWT Technical Guide of R.O.C. Olympic Athlete Training Center

Mr. Double Liao

Taiwan General Manager

  • Graduated from National Taipei University of Technology
  • Over 28 years’ experience in direct selling 
  • Professional Qualifications:
  • Led large organizations previously 
  • Has a very deep understanding of direct sales and organizational operations
  • Former Chief Executive Officer of Overseas Direct Sales
  • One of the members of the Taiwan Direct Selling Association
  • The 3rd Supervisor of Taiwan Association of Multilevel Marketing, R.O.C.

Ms. Evi Hor Yee Chieh

CRM Manager

  • 20 years of Health Care experience
  • Assist in AmLife’s Taiwan Business development from November 2015 to May 2018
  • Professional Qualifications:
    • E-Mindrest Chiropractic Therapist
    • The former content writer of the local magazines and newspapers’ “Skin Health Feature” column
    • Received interviews by major TV stations and broadcast programs, such as TV2, NTV 7 “Energetic Morning”, “Women’s Fashion”, TV9, and Astro AEC “Women & Good Health”
    • Received interviews by various Malaysian newspapers, including Sin Chew Daily, China Daily, Nanyang Daily, Fermine, Everyone’s Health, The Star, etc.