Our History

Charting Our Journey: Celebrating Achievements and Progress

YEAR 1928

Fukuoka Hospital in Japan develops potentiostat therapy device.

YEAR 1959

Prof. Shin Okoshi of the University of Tokyo confirms that potentiostatic therapy has no side effects on the human body.

YEAR 1968

Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare recognizes potentiostat as a medical device.

YEAR 2003

Imported Dr. Tron YK9000 Bio-Potentiostat from Japan and set up free potentiostat centers all over Malaysia.

YEAR 2004

Invited to attend Dr. Tron Spring Assembly in Japan. Participating for the first time in International Brands Consumer Fair 2004.

YEAR 2005

Won the Golden Bull Award for Top 100 SMEs in Malaysia Awarded the “Excellence in Service Quality” and “Excellence in Branding” in the Asia Pacific/Malaysia eCentury Entrepreneurship Awards.

YEAR 2006

Get certified to ISO’s management system standards. Achievement on The Malaysia Book of Records: The Largest Electron Potential Therapy Center. Energy Lamp (model 800) join voluntary medical mission in College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Wanita MCA chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun participate in the opening ceremony of UES Health Management Centre in PJSS2. Imported Electro Scan Graph (ESG), the latest technology in France

YEAR 2007

Launch of the second generation potentiostat Dr. Tron YK9000

YEAR 2008

UES 8th Anniversary: Holistic Health Family Day. 2,000 people attended. First qualified chiropractors graduate (4 persons). Promote the concept of holistic health. Publish and distribute the “Holistic Health” book in Malaysia. Imported Echiro Spine Stretching Bed from Japan.

YEAR 2009

Opening ceremony of first D3D Footscan Lab in PJSS2. New opening of first Spine Stretching Center. Sign a contract with president of RS Scan International (Belgium), become a sole distributor in Malaysia. Become a main sponsor in international health fair (organize by Long Life Publisher). Imported foot scan technology and orthotics from Belgium: RSScan/D3D.

YEAR 2010

New Life Post invited to write articles in “Good Doctor Column” to sharing experiences of spine and foot health. Celebrate 10th Anniversary of establishment of UES. Create Echiro brand. Promote skeleton balance health concept.

YEAR 2011

Invited to participate “Cross-Straits Wellness Summit 2011”.

YEAR 2012

Launches Potentiometric Medical Device Future 14000DX

YEAR 2013

Development of Amlife Classic potential medical bedding, the first combination of health bedding, which transforms sitting therapy into sleeping therapy.

YEAR 2014

Amlife established. Promoting the concept of creating health from sleep. Launched Amlife DX, the second generation of potentiomedical bedding.

YEAR 2015

Launch of Alpha-Thera

YEAR 2016

Started annual promotion of World Sleep Day

YEAR 2018

Established its own R&D center in Japan AmPower Co. Introducing the latest generation of DeepZleep potential medical bedding. Won the Malaysian Healthcare Brand Award (Medical Equipment Category)

YEAR 2019

Second time winner of the Malaysian Healthcare Brand Award(Medical Device Category)

YEAR 2022

Launch of Alphacelle High Potential Cell Therapy in conjunction with the latest stem cell medical technology. Established the first Alphacelle clinic. Won the third Malaysian Healthcare Brand Award (Medical Device Category).

YEAR 2023

Won the fourth Malaysian Healthcare Brand Award (Medical Device Category).