Transforming your life, one night at a time Healthy lifestyle start with a good deep sleep. Good dreams begin with QUALITY SLEEP

Recharge Your Health in Sleep

AmLife strives to incorporate the healthcare concept into the daily lives of Malaysian households by employing an “easy to use” and “ultimate winning” marketing strategy. AmLife has developed a number of popular high-tech products surrounding the “sleep healthcare” concept with a sustainable operation as its fundamental development philosophy.

Deep Sleep Is Crucial To Staying Healthy

A modern lifestyle certified medical device from Japan that improves your health while you sleep.
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Enjoy a good night’s sleep with the AmPower Platinum Blanket and harness its anti-aging effects to wake up feeling rejuvenated and youthful again.
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The ergonomically-designed pillow allows you to enjoy more than just a good night’s sleep. Through daily use, you will be protecting your cervical spine while promoting brain detoxification during sleep.
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Mood Healing, Anti-aging, Rejuvenating
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Upcoming Events: 08 March 2020 - World Sleep Day 2020

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