The “Comprehensive medical treatment” effectively improves sleep quality.

The subject of discussion of Dr. Koyabu Miki is “insomnia and aging”. According to him, our common lifestyle diseases are not curable merely through Western medicine. By supplementing Western medicine with Chinese medicine, the curative effect can be achieved.

According to the basic understanding of Chinese medicine, the human body is responsible for the production of innate essence and acquired essence substance, namely: qi (life energy), blood and fluid (body fluid). If the physical condition is weak, it is often caused by the deficiency, excessiveness or stagnation of qi, blood, or fluid, causing the autonomic nerves which control the internal organs and endocrine system to be imbalanced, which subsequently leads to insomnia, and even causes metabolic syndrome, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and so on. This cannot be treated with just Western medicine or surgery alone, but only through a “comprehensive medical treatment”.

To have good sleep, one must first regulate the autonomic nervous system. He advocates the combination of Chinese and Western medicine through “comprehensive medical treatment”, which can regulate the autonomic nervous system, helps improve insomnia and aging, and also have significant therapeutic effects on cancer cells and skin cells.

On that day, he pointed out that “electric potential therapy” provides the body with negative electric potential, to protect the autonomic nerve and endocrine functions, and help maintain the constancy of body functions, while treating headache, shoulder stiffness, chronic constipation and insomnia. He also presented a data on the spot: from 1950 to 2017, the average lifespan of Japanese men has extended by about 21 years, while that of Japanese women was extended by about 24 years. However, the new problem that comes with it is the burden of the physical body – aging; and the burden of the spirit, insomnia. The use of a home electric potential therapeutic medical device can prevent and improve these two major health problems. Its warming effect, which can moderately warm the body, allow blood vessels to dilate, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, and also help eliminate fatigue and relieve muscle stiffness and pain problems.